Mani Monday: A Zoya Disaster!

I guess it wasn’t a complete disaster but I am really hating the way this manicure turned out and I will probably be taking it off tonight. I just thought I’d share my thoughts on the Zoya polish (Jacqueline) that I got in my May Ipsy bag since it was my first time using this brand. The polish was much too thick for my liking and I absolutely HATE the color. I will probably stick to using this color for nail art. It also took a very long time to dry. I tried to liven it up by adding some random polka dots using the Zoya polish (Tracie) that I got from my April Glossybox and Alice from my May Julep Maven box. That didn’t really help either.  I think I will stick with my Julep polishes for now…


9 thoughts on “Mani Monday: A Zoya Disaster!

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  3. Wahh, I’m sorry your Jacquline was goopy from the get-go. Mine got that way closer to halfway through the bottle. It’s actually one of my faves to use as an undie instead of a white, I found it to be less streaky and more opaque with one coat. But whites (and white-ish creams) are always wonky :/

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