June Wantable Makeup Box

Wantable is a subscription service that offers a makeup box and a jewelry box. The monthly recurring subscription is $36 and a one-time box is $40. I have been reading good things about Wantable so I decided to treat myself to a one-time makeup box to check it out. When I ordered the box I took a survey about the types of products I like/dislike and the types of items I would like to receive in my box. The nice thing about Wantable is that they try to send you items that you actually want. Each box comes with a return label and you can send it back if you end up not liking the products they send to you.

As you can see, the invoice shows what I asked to get and what I asked not to get. Normally, I love lip color,  lash products, and bronzers but I asked not to get them because I am absolutely swimming in them right now. I am very pleased with the box I received.

Here is what I got:

Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer: A Little Kindness

Retail: $10.00

FACE Stockholm Cream Highlighter: Radiance

Retail: $25.00

FACE Stockholm Blush: Worship

Retail: $20.00

Susan Posnick Color Eye Define: Jet/Moonstone

Retail: $26.00

Bonus Apothederm Serum Sample


Total Retail Value: $81.00

I really love this makeup box from Wantable! I think it turned out to be a great value, especially since four of the products are full-sized. I probably won’t be subscribing this month since money is tighter than usual (boyfriend’s b-day this month) but I think I will definitely order another box in the near future when my budget allows for it. I think this is a nice way to treat myself from time to time. Also, shipping was super fast! Which is why I’m posting this June box on May 31st…

What do you think? Have you tried Wantable?

You can check them out by clicking here!


10 thoughts on “June Wantable Makeup Box

  1. This looks like nice! Lately, I’ve been kind of disappointed with Birchbox, so I’ve been looking for a better value box. I’ll check it out 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s probably the most expensive subscription box I’ve seen! It looks like it’s worth it though. That’s so cool that you can specify what you want, and return your box if you don’t like it.

    • I agree, it’s a little pricey but I feel like it was worth it. I just used the blush and highlighter and I love both! I ordered this in a moment of weakness last week before I gave myself a beauty budget. I’m sticking to it from now on! 🙂

  3. Haven’t tried Wantable… I get Birch and am on the waitlist for Ipsy. $40 is a lot on a makeup box, but it sounds like you liked what you got! Did the colors work out okay for your skin tone?

    • The colors turned out great! I actually just used everything this morning! I really like this box but I agree that $40 is a lot. I definitely won’t be getting these every month. Maybe a few times per year.

    • It was a little different… but not bad. It was pretty soft and the packaging says that it can be smudged and also used as an eyeshadow. I will probably use it when I’m going for the smokey eye look but not just for everyday eyeliner. I still think it is pretty cool though!

  4. Thanks for replying. Good to know bout not using it as an everyday eyeliner. Not too precise in getting a winged look, I presume.

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