Julep Maven June 2013

I went back and forth for days trying to decide on which box to choose this month. At one point I was settled on ordering the complete collection but at the last minute I decided to go with the Modern Maven box and to add-on the three colors that I felt like I couldn’t live without; Bunny, Dianna, and Nan. The cost of the Modern Beauty box (DD Creme, and DD Concealer) was $19.99 and the add-ons were $4.99 each. The total cost of this box was $34.96.

Modern Maven + Add-Ons

Modern Maven + Add-Ons

Bunny- Linen white with a hint of gold shimmer

Bunny- Linen white with a hint of gold shimmer

Dianna- Mint green crème

Dianna- Mint green crème

Nan- Nantucket red crème

Nan- Nantucket red crème

I ordered the DD creme and concealer in the Light color. I used both yesterday and I liked the results. The swatches look a little dark on my arm but both products blended quite nicely and didn’t turn orange on my face, which is what I was concerned about. My only problem is that both tubes seem to be filled with a lot of air and not so much product which makes me hesitant to repurchase in the future. It was really hard to get anything out of the concealer tube at all. I feel like I’ll only be able to get a few uses out of these products and that is pretty disappointing. I plan to contact Julep about this because it seems like it is an issue for a lot of people.

Top: DD Creme Bottom: DD Concealer

Top: DD Creme Bottom: DD Concealer

I’m planning to use Nan for my weekly “Mani Monday” post. Stay tuned!

What box did you order this month?

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*nail polish swatch images are from the Julep website 🙂


11 thoughts on “Julep Maven June 2013

  1. All those colors are super pretty! That’s sad about the air in the tubes though, I hope they remedy it for you. And oh dear, they’re up to D already? I can’t keep up with this, I only just heard of CC creams! 😀

    • I know! I went from BB to DD, totally skipped CC! DD stands for “Dynamic Do-all” It is supposed to combine the benefits of BB and CC creams. I really want to do a review of all the BB’s that I’ve been sampling/using lately but it seems like such a daunting task… there are so many!

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