Beauty Army: My Last Box

After 6 months, I’ve decided to cancel my Beauty Army subscription. I’ve skipped a few boxes in the past and I’m feeling underwhelmed by their selections. At first I really liked that I could choose my own 6 samples but I’m feeling like the element of surprise is what I love the most about beauty subscription boxes.

Anyway, I think Beauty Army is a great company and I might decide to try them out again in the future. Right now, I just have way too many samples so I’m going to use my $12.00 per month on something else.

I decided to order one last box.

Here’s my box for May/June 2013:


Questions about any of the products I chose? Please leave a comment. 🙂

Do you subscribe to Beauty Army?

Check them out here.



3 thoughts on “Beauty Army: My Last Box

  1. Is that an eye shadow in gel? I love that color! How did that work for you? And also, did you like the Mark mascara? I like Mark products, I wish they had more options in waterproof.

    • It is a gel liner. The cap was unscrewed a little when I got my box so it had dried out a little but it still worked. The color is really pretty. This is my second tube of the Mark mascara from Beauty Army (they sent it out as a free gift for their anniversary a few months ago). I like the one I have so when it was in my selection window again I decided to get one for my sister. It isn’t my favorite mascara but I keep it in my purse for mornings when I get to work and realize that I did all of my makeup except for mascara… I don’t know why that happens to me so often… lol

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